Apr 7: What do I Think Equality is?

In this world, you ask yourself if their is equality anywhere. It seems these days that almost everyone is fighting for some dumb reason. You always here about gang shootings and other disturbances that involve someone killing another guy over the color of his skin. I know in a lot in my blogs I’ve mentioned racism, but it’s because it’s there and it goes on everyday. Maybe in my day to I’ve said something that some might take offence, but sometimes, it gets to out of hand in some places. If equality exsisted, it would be the complete coexsistence of all people, but that is not happening right now. Theres a line that gets crossed to many time when it shouldn’t be crossed at all. Then again, some people are luring themselves into the hate by getting so much extra stuff because they were here first. Heres something for them, “you weren’t the first ones on this planet were yiou, so maybe you should be paying that culture money and giving them deals on everything.”

I really hate saying things like that though. Some of those people can be really nice and choose not to take part in what others are doing. Some did not choose for the special treatment and don’t take advantage of it. Its just the ones that do that bug me. I remember one boy from a camp I went to last summer. He was in my cabin, but chose not to take part in anything that went on. He and his cousin just sat on the bench and made fun of people the whole week. he tried to fight a kid, too. Two on one him and his cousin hit this kid for no reason at all, so they were sent home. It’s people like that, thinking there so much better and tougher then everybody else who are the bring inequality into play.

Mar 31: Themes of the novel Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men was one of the more complicated books of read, even though it was so short. It did have many themes that pressed on important issues like: racism, discrimination, times in the depression and a lot more that I don’t really want to talk about. Although I shouldn’t really admit this, I think the one reason I had a little trouble reading this book was because, I didn’t really like it. It was an okay book with on okay plot, but what it comes down to was that I just didn’t like it. For me I find it, if the book isn’t the kind of books that I like, I have a really hard time paying attention to it.

Some things I did pick up though was all of the discrimination and racism in the story. How everyone was so isolated and on there own. The themes is this story are now where near happy, any of them. It’s hard to really picture what these people must of been put through, even scrap the fact that the did hard work everyday, imagine being on your own all the time. Sure the other guys were friends, but there was know one to really confide in and trust. God for bid you were different in any way, you would be done for. Crooks must have been the loneliest man there. He was black, and had a bad back so he couldn’t do normal wark. It must have been really hard to live back then.

Mar 17: Justice and Fairness in Your Novel Study-What is Considered “Just” in the Past?

This is a hard question. I have to say in the past, especially in the depression, nothing was “just”. It was just to hard of times for anyone to really know that they were getting taking advantage of. It wasn’t even their fault that it was happening, it was just done to survive. Thinking back from now, I can make over 50 dollars in one day, and they made that in one month. It’s crazy how you could even live, but the prices of thing kind of helped the poor wages. They were fed only what they needed to survive and often not enough of each food group. These men were lucky that they didn’t roll over and day of disease.

Fairness was hard to judge in a person ,too because there all different. Some are nice fellows who just did what they needed to survive, but others made it hard for others to do anything because the were mean loners, just looking to make there money and get out. Hard times led to bad things that couldn’t be stopped. Lennie was just a guy, not to bright trying to help George make money so the could get some land, but things just happen to people like Curley’s wife who should’ve known better to stay away when Lennie told her to. I t was is the end her need for socialism that was her demise.

Mar 10: Fairness and Justice in Society-Does it Depend on the Culture?

I think different cultures should be all fair and just. That is usually never the case. Everywhere you go you’ll find that there is always one or more dominant cultures in that society. If it is White, Black, Asian, First Nations, etc. There are always some that get treated better. So my answer to the question stated in the title is yes, I do think culture has a big part in the way there treated. Culture has everything to do with how a societal group is punished, acknowledged or there basic rights. Although most of the time rights are the same for everyone, that does not apply for everyone.

This kind of treatment kind vary from culture to culture. Some could be for the better of that culture. They could be given more rights or treated like royalty, even though they don’t deserve it. Other times it is the complete opposite. They are the definition of getting looked down upon. They could be slaves, or killed mercilessly for what they may look like. I think that if everyone would just get along, how much better the world would be. Its not even them getting along though as it is everyone getting treated with the same amount of fairness. 

Click here for a video about Fairness and Justice.

Click here for a website that will give more information.

Mar 3:Judging Others and Misjudging Them-Aren’t we all Guilty?

That is as big factor in society today. Judging someone before you even meet them or talk to them. They may be the nicest person youu could ever know or meet, but you choose to stay away because of the way they look, or act. You can’t really start pointing fingers at people who have done it to you or someone else you know, because, chances are that you have done it to someone as well. You can’t start blaming someone else for something they may have done, when you have done it yourself.

 It is hard to stop yourself or even someone else from doing it to because the more you have done it in the past, its gets beat into your sub-conscience the traits of the person you judged before. You might find youself saying, “Oh, that guy acts just like that other guy who used to go to my school. I won’t get along with him.” Another big thing that people judge in another is what race they are. Some think all blacks are crooks with dead end jobs, other think natives are big druggies and take advantage of their rights and take to much from the government. It happens a lot with people not even knowing that its being done.

Here is a Video about judging people.

Here is a website about judging people.

Feb 25:Research Background on Narrative

My narrative essay in may own opinion was very bad. I think I could have done a lot better in the written part, and I could have put together a better spread of pictures. Although it was not the best I could have done, it did represent a strong topic throughout the world. The theme in a nutshell would have to be animal cruelty, unseen and not realized. It was about a boy who lived his life on this farm with a dog that was old and in pain. The dog died and to kind of sooth the pain, got a new dog. Soon after they got this dog though, they had a plan to move into town leaving the dog behind.

This to to some people is just something that happens and that the dog will be fine by himself, but the truth is, he isn’t. He has no one to play with, no one to give him love and no where warm to sleep on cold days. This is animal cruelty. The boy thinks that the dog is fine, he just doesn’t see how miserable it is. This dog deserves a new home. One that will care for him and show him the love he deserves. For more on animal cruelty click here. For a video on animal cruelty click here.

Feb 11: Race Battle in South Africa

My topic for my factual essay was based on the discrimatory ways practised in South Africa. I had heard stories told about some of the things that had happened that were brutal, gruesome and the most suprising, recent! I heard of black men, hiding in sneaking into a white persons home, hiding all day until night, and then killing everyone. These kinds of things start to get you wondering, why? That is way i chose to write my essay on this topic. I wanted to know how this started and who really was to blame for all of the violence that goes on now. I wanted to know what someone could have done to make one race find the need to go into someone’s house, just to kill them. That is what really suprised me to, nothing was missing, the black man went into that house with the soul intesion to kill thay family. 

So in the research I did for this essay, I found the truth. Now in many parts of the world, black people were made slaves, but in South Africa they took that another step further. Not only were the black people made to do hard work, but were treated like dirt. They weren’t allowed any rights and if a white man were to kill one, it would be like if someone had only killed a fly, and the day went on. Now I see why the black people living there are so mad. How would we feel if it was us? I am not saying what the black people are doing now in any case is right, but im saying if you’re going to mess around with that culture in South Africa, yyou have to be ready for the consequences.

I am sorry Ms. Waldner, I think this video says the *F* word like 5 times.

Feb 4: Rights and Responsibilities of Canadians and Societies in th World

Canada as a culture has a lot to offer the rest of the world. We may be a strong, diverse country who are advanced technogically and socially, but i don’t think that it is are responsibility of a country to look after the rest of the world. We for sure did not cause any arguement, so why is it always up to us to set it right. That is a question that has always bugged me: Why is it up to us to go in to a country and try to keep the peace? For the life of me, I just don’t get it. If another country sparked the battle, shouldn’t it be up to them to set it right again. Many brave Canadian’s have go to Iraq to help in that battle, just to die for a cause they did nothing to do with.

Someone has to draw the line on when they really need our help, or when it is a pointless fight and hundreds of deaths may occur and at the end, nothing change. The point the Canadian army is to keep the peace. You just have to see how far people are willing to test that by sending our troops into battle. If you don’t think it’s going to do any good, don’t send them. But, if they think there is a good chance that there will be a positive outcome, fight for that. Fight to make a difference. It just depends were you cross that line if its worth it or not. Canada shouldn’t have to be responsible for the rest of the world, but I think it is our right as Canadians to live in a safe, secure world. 

Jan 28: Racial Tension and Your Thoughts/Experiences

     Racial tention is something that really bothers me.  I find it absolutely stupid that people think that they are so much better then another, just because of his skin color. That has nothing to do woth the person they are now or even what their ancestors were like. Sure, it does show that maybe back a 100 years they’re family did bad things, but now they might be a top citizen just making a living. Some people are very quick to asume that someone with colored skin has a dead end job working for minimal wage at some kind a factory, but it could be just the opposite. They could be the ones running the factory or at least higher up on the board. A good example of that was a piece of literature we read in class titled “My Dear Alphonse”. This story about a young boy bringing home his new friend who was black. The mother continuelly questioned the boy about his family and even offered him some of her sons old clothes. This was a very steriotypical short story and the mother even after the boy told her what his dad did at work, she got angry at him for not accepting the clothes.

     Racism is not something to be taken lightly evan if it is just a minor comment, its rude, mean and in many cases insults the persons cultural background. Wars are started over these thing that shouldn’t even have arose. It is not the persons fault they were born the way they were or that they have darker skin then us, its just plain wrong to insult someone for being born the way they were.